MML Grill now OPEN in Polomolok!

POLOMOLOK – MML Grill, a local burger joint from General Santos City is now in Polomolok! The main branch just started September of 2015 and since then they have attracted satisfied customers. And now, with the success they have reached in the Poland’s (nickname of Polomolok as referred by the locals) soil.

The MML Grill’s Facade

This branch’s facade is wide compared to its main branch at Camias St., General Santos City. They have lots of comfortable benches and tables that can be used for dine-in or awaiting customers for their takeaway. Since we are in Polomolok and due to its cool climate, you can never be uncomfortable waiting fo your order.

MML Grill’s American Classic Burger

I ordered their famous American Classic Burger for PhP 100.00, and all I can say is delicioso! When you order at the counter, the crew asked me on how will it be done on my patty as they offer medium rare and well-done cook for their patties so I chose well-done as I do not eat yet medium rare meats.

The American Classic Burger with a glass of Red Iced Tea

The cheese, catsup, onion rings and tomatoes are superb! It compliments well with the patty and the bun. The chips is quite disappointing (on my personal opinion) because I was expecting more chips. But its not a big deal for me, I was there not only for the food but also for the place and people.

The Freedom Wall

As I went inside, I noticed this ‘Freedom Wall’ where the customers wrote randomly on it.

Here is the FULL MENU of MML Grill – Polomolok:


⭐Beef Bacon – PhP 130.00

⭐American Classic – PhP 100.00

⭐Classic – PhP 80.00

⭐St. Michael – PhP 100.00

🔥Korean – PhP 100.00

🔥Japanese – PhP 100.00

♨Shawarma – PhP 85.00

🔷Texas Coleslaw – PhP 90.00

🔵South Cotabato – PhP 100.00

🔴Cream N Cheese (w/ Jalapeño option) – PhP 90.00



🌮Beef Tortilla – PhP 120.00

🌮Chicken Tortilla – PhP 120.00


🍡Beef Kebab – P 40.00/stick

🍡Chicken Kebab – PhP 35.00/stick

Chicken ala Pobre

🍗1 Piece – PhP 50.00

🍗2 Pieces – PhP 80.00


      🍝Italian Pasta – PhP 90.00

      🍝Garlic Mushroom Pasta – PhP 75.00

      🍝Mac N Cheese – PhP 65.00


      🍰Sylvannas – PhP 40.00

      🍰Oreo Cheesecake – PhP 110.00

      🍰Crema de Fruta – PhP 95.00


      🍷Regular/Bottled Soda – PhP 20.00

      🍹Red Iced Tea – PhP 35.00

      🍷Choco Banana – PhP 60.00

      🍷Coffee Choco – PhP 75.00

      🍷Banana – PhP 60.00

      MML Grill is located along Cannery Road cor. National Highway (beside Flying V), Poblacion Polomolok, South Cotabato.

      You can also visit their official Facebook page.


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