Polomolok: 2016 8th Most Competitive Municipality in PH


POLOMOLOK, South Cotabato –  For 3 consecutive years, Polomolok has been in the top 10 most competitive municipalities in the Philippines. It is an honor for us to be on those ranks and I personally think that we deserve that.

The cities and municipalities rankings are based on the 3 pillars as mandated by the National Competitiveness Council of the Philippines: Economic Dynamism, Government Efficiency and Infrastructure. Furthermore, scores are determined by the values and the completeness of the data being submitted. Therefore, the higher the score of a city or a municipality, the more competitive it is.

The competitiveness are categorized into five (5):

Competitiveness Ranking Categories

Without further ado, I will focus more on the 1st to 2nd Class Municipalities category. See all of the categories here.

“First Class Municipalities are municipalities which have an average income of PhP 55,000,000 or more during the previous four (4) calendar years while Second Class Municipalities have a latest income of PhP 45,000,000 to PhP 54,999,999 during the previous four (4) calendar years.”

Source: NCC Philippines

Now, let us see this town scores for this year’s ranking:

 Polomolok’s Score details
Pillars Score
Economic Dynamism 11.073725 (rank 12 of 490)
Government Efficiency 14.487295 (rank 6 of 490)
Infrastructure 10.947479 (rank 15 of 490)
OVERALL 36.508500 (rank 8 of 490)

There are a total of 490 first and second class municipalities in the Philippines as of 2016.

Aside from Polomolok, Isulan (Sultan Kudarat) and Midsayap (Cotabato province) topped this year’s index. In the Provincial category, South Cotabato (top 3), Cotabato province (top 5) and Sultan Kudarat (top 6) also topped this year’s index.

Photo credits to:
NCC Philippines
Omar S. Gallinero


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